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I Am Beautiful

Classification: Fruity
A reminder to find the beauty in every moment, in darker times and lighter times, to know in your soul that you possess and radiate all the beauty the world has to offer.
This candle is blended with Hibiscus and Blueberry
Hibiscus – A light & calming scent, perfect to transport you to a calming Hawaiian vacation
Blueberry – A sweet escape

Made for: The one who radiates gold light loves the hardest and searches for beauty in every moment.


I Am Strong

Classification: Floral & Fruity
Find your strength from within. Trust your heart to carry you through any storm, and be the strength you need to grow and thrive in the world. A reminder that you are all the strength you need.
This candle is blended with Lavender and Bergamot.
Lavender – The perfect blend of floral & sweet
Bergamot – A mixture of bright citrus with a mix of spice & floral
Made for: The ones who are seeking strength outside of themselves and who need to pivot on an inward journey for strength.


I Am Worthy

Classification: Citrus & Spice

My power has been in spite of everything, always finding it in me somewhere to say to myself…you are worthy.
A reminder to let love, light, and joy into your heart, your mind, and your soul. You are worthy.
This candle is blended with Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, and Clove.
Sweet Orange – Uplifting & Calming
Cinnamon – Sweet & spicy scent
Clove – Spice with a hint of fruity
Made for: The ones taking quiet moments, to see themselves in the truest light and know they are worthy of every heart desire.


Wax candle available in 13.5 oz.
Reusable glass vessel
Made with natural coconut-soy wax sourced in Canada
50+ hour burn time
Scented with paraben-free essential & fragrance oils sourced in Canada and the US.
Double wicked with natural wax coated cotton wicks for fast fragrance release.
Burn for just 30 minutes and experience a full room scent.


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